DIY: Make a dollhouse miniature chocolate bar

By Angeli

diy miniature chocolate bar

Ready for the first project in our DIY mini series? The projects in this series are easy peasy, I tell you! They’re meant to start your interest in polymer clay, no experience necessary! Today, let’s make a dollhouse miniature chocolate bar. Read the rest of the post for the slideshow of step-by-step instructions.

DIY mini series: Make your own dollhouse miniature food

By Angeli

beadlady dollhouse miniature food

I am obsessed with miniatures, but I never really owned a dollhouse until my baby daughter became a toddler. Now we are obsessed with tiny critters called Sylvanian Families – little anthropomorphic flocked animals with the cutest houses, shops, and accessories.  They’re also called Calico Critters in other countries. We only have a few of […]

DIY: Make a colorful leather bracelet

By Angeli

Beadlady arm party

Add a colorful leather bracelet to your arm party! This is my new favorite bracelet this summer. Looks so cool and so easy to do, too! How to make a colorful leather bracelet Supplies and tools Leftover leather (I used my mom’s retaso from her leather bag project) Ribbon Glue (I used heavy-duty hot glue but you […]

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